I did a photo shoot not to long ago for a rescue in the Mojave.

It’s a ridiculous situation. It’s a rescue and sanctuary on 10 acres. The woman retired as a school teacher 10 yrs ago and bought this place. She is a 501c3 nonprofit, registered with the county etc etc…saving dogs/cats for all this time and now the city says she needs separate paperwork filed for the dogs. So they are making her get rid of the dogs. If not they will seize them. (which means most likely put them down) Once the dogs are gone they will give her the proper permits. (which could take a month, or six months…you know how slow government moves)

Anyway, that’s the story. Her time was up Sept 16. They could take them at any time now.

So..I’ve been networking the crap out of them. I have some connections in Oregon that are willing to take some of them. Still working on some.

These are my favorites and have no rescue or foster (or home) at the moment. They are all seniors. I met them all and they are wonderful. All dog friendly. It’s my mission to do all I can to help place them.

So…any help you can give…I would appreciate it.

Direct contact www.facebook.com/rescuesROCK for more information. Or contact Diana at 661-824-8802 e-mail: info@save-a-life.org


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