I was recently thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and not to be a turkey grinch, but it wasn’t joyous. Here’s a sample of my editorial on the subject:

“The idea is that we work hard during September, October and November and reward ourselves with some R&R, veg out and eat ourselves sleepy as we watch the annual Lions and Cowboys games. The long weekend, thus, reinvigorates us to endure the last few weeks before the Christmas and New Years’ holidays…

“Wednesday is the single-most congested day of the entire year. Roads become parking lots…Worse yet is the airport. If the pat-downs, shoe-removals, body scans and bag X-rays don’t slow your pace, the weather delays just may. And if nature doesn’t interfere, the next hurdle is ensuring that nobody on the plane has a name remotely similar to anyone on the government’s No-Fly List. Otherwise, you’ll be doing a sky U-turn with no honest explanation as to why.
Assuming after all this, you do manage to arrive at your destination. Thanksgiving is usually spent dodging political conversations and trying to keep certain family members sober. Friday is like a repeat of Wednesday, only in a mall. Saturday is Wednesday in reverse (everyone has to drive/fly back). And that leaves Sunday to unpack, unwind and prepare for the week ahead.”

I don’t know how we got here, but it’s a mess. I love this holiday. I always have. There needs to be a way to fix this situation. I’m open to suggestions.turkey-dinner