Yesterday was Sept. 11, which likely will always be a day of reflection for Americans. As I watched as much media coverage of the event as I could stomach, the idea was reinforced within me the disturbing conclusion that the mainstream media is nothingĀ  more than giant global conglomerates colluding in the entertainment business to the detriment of the American public.

Since the attack, a storyline has developed, whether true or false, that has led us to believe that we know exactly what happened and why, as though we were jurors on a case, with an orderly set of facts presented for our consideration. The consensus seems to be that a society, like a TV crime drama audience, needs the case resolved and all loose ends tied in a timely manner.

The truth is that geopolitics, like life, is complex. Furthermore, there is room for discussion, debate and differing points of view. For I worry whenever I hear the media speak on our behalf or refer to the way “we” feel, as if all Americans share a common mindset. We don’t — and that’s the genius of this country.sept-114