Well, I was very happy this week when the NFL owners and players agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement. The new CBA will give football fans a decade of labor peace.
I don’t want to think what fall would be like without pro football every Sunday. It’s a frightening thought.
There’s a lot of movement going on right now – trades, free agency, roster cuts – it’s going to be interesting to see new faces in new places.
As of yet, my San Diego Chargers have not made any headlines in terms of personnel, but that’s par for the course for them. Still, there are holes to fill. But it was a good draft, I think. So hopefully, in six months time, I’ll be cheering the Bolts through the playoffs. Enjoy your football, everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. I spent mine with family and friends. We barbecued and did some swimming and sunning — just the way freedom should be celebrated. The Fourth of July is one of those great holidays in which not to much is expected — no gifts, large dinner spreads or elaborate decorations. Everyone pitches in to bring some potato salad or green bean casserole to the table, you buy a couple American Flags, put some Mellencamp and some Springsteen on the stereo and — viola!
I had so much fun that I’m only now getting around to catching up (which is why I’m finally posting this!).

Some people like to travel over the holiday, which is fine by me…with everyone out of town it means the freeways are actually free. But if you’ve just come back into town, welcome, Culver City has some exciting stuff heating up for the last half of summer…including our summer concert series. Stay tuned for more information on that from us soon.flag