If you’ve ever helped someone move, you can appreciate the aches and pains I’m feeling today. My brother needed help loading a 16-foot truck. Included in the items: a refrigerator, king-size bed, pine cabinet, kitchen table and sectional sofa.

Fortublog1nately, I didn’t have to accompany him on the three-hour journey to his destination. The extent of my obligation ended when truck door slammed shut.

He was kind of enough to feed me and put a couple beers in me for my trouble. He asked when he would see me again. I told him I didn’t know, but that he’d be getting a medical bill from me soon enough.

My back aches. My knees are making creaking noises. My muscles are sore. But what are brothers for? It’s good to have brothers. Professional movers don’t work for burgers and beer.