I was delighted to get a couple of letters in response to my editorial about celebrating Memorial Day. The authors attempted to take me to task for choosing to “celebrate” the holiday, but I was delighted nonetheless.

I stand by my decision to revel in the holiday. While others choose reverence or somber reflection, I’ll grill out. One of the freedoms in this country is choosing how and what we honor.

I could’ve signed up for a war, but I’ve never cared much for it. We have enough holidays for soldiers it seems, but what about pacifists, peacemakers and political dissidents? I suppose governments in the business of recruiting armies are rather loathe to acknowledge the efforts of those who would oppose the institution of war.

It is, of course, your right as a human being to disagree. Furthermore, it is a right not doled out by any government or document and remains so regardless of any wars in which people have fought and/or died.

I don’t mean to spoil anyone else’s day of sober contemplation. The way in which others spend their holidays is none of my business. But how I spend mine — that is my business…and frankly, no one else’s.

Look for the letters in this week’s edition of the paper. And decide for yourself (always!).

We have new help in the office that I would like to welcome.


I am fortunate to have a new sidekick at hand. Sarah Hattem, a native of Culver City and an alum of Culver City High School is home for a summer away from her new life in Washington D.C. at American University. Sarah will play a large part in helping me put together the news you read each week.

Also joining the team is Laura Hyslop, a freshman at Culver City High School who will be helping us pull the paper together.

In addition, Alan Moskal is taking a new desk in the front of the office helping us in the sales department.

Its been great to have some extra help in the office this week, especially with the absence of Jose, our graphic designer, who is recovering from an injury. We wish him the best of health and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Welcome aboard everyone!

Photo of Sarah Hattem