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Dogs on our local beaches — what is your opinion? Should they be allowed to run free? Should they be prohibited? Should they be allowed if on a leash? Should there be different policies at different beaches? What are your thoughts?


Last Monday, Christopher Armenta stepped down as mayor of Culver City and handed the reigns to the vice mayor, Micheal “Mehaul” O’Leary. Scott Malsin, who has already served as mayor, will take over as vice mayor, a post he has not previously occupied.

Culver City’s political structure is a little unusual, but by most accounts, people seem happy with the system. Are you? I don’t hear many complaints about the set-up, so I take for granted that it must not be a hot-button issue.

Still, I’d like to know what the residents and the business community think about vesting authority in a city council with a mayoral rotation, which also comprises the redevelopment agency.

I encourage readers of this blog to voice their comments and concerns on the topic. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Culver City. I’m just taking a break from putting together this week’s paper. It’s a busy week and we’ve got a lot of content.
To give a you a hint of what’s in store: Julie Lugo Cerra has a column that will be of interest to Civil War buffs, Maryann Castronovo’s column offers advice to the parents of triplets, Sandra Coopersmith has a feature story about Relay for Life, Lori Fusaro has written an informative piece about the dangers snakes pose to dogs, and Michael Kayem answers a question about putting in a lower offer than the asking price of a house. In addition, we’re reviewing a play at the Kirk Douglas Theatre and a great local restaurant. And as always, we’re packed with the latest news and upcoming events.
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