k-bass1It’s been another exciting week in Culver City. What’s new? A seventh-grader will represent CCUSD at the state geography bee. A Culver City bowler will head to Las Vegas to compete in a national bowling tournament. Bunnin Chevrolet celebrated its grand opening recently, and this weekend City Tavern opens its doors. Trees around town are being trimmed after the recent uprooting brought on by heavy winds. Karen Bass (D-Calif., 33rd Congressional District) recently voted to save NPR and 9,000 jobs. Way to go, congresswoman!

editorial-new1For those of you who know me well, and I’m happy to report that that number is increasing each week, you’ll know that one of the hardest parts of this job has always been my commute from the Valley. Not so anymore. My wife and I recently moved to the Westside to be closer to work…but also to the many community events that make Culver City so interesting. And just in time, gas prices are getting outrageous.

So, with this newly discovered time in my day (no more hour-and-a-half commutes in…and out), I’m excited to be able to participate in many of the events that I’ve had to pass on to this point. There are organizations yet to discover, restaurants still to try and events to attend.

I’d like to also take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to write, call or even stop me on the street and thank me for my efforts. It may sound old-fashioned, but it really does make all the hard work worth it. Thanks for making me feel welcome. I appreciate your support.

Posted by Kat Michels (After the Curtain)

My sister has struggled with her weight and weight loss ever since she was a teenager.  In recent years, she has really stepped up her weight loss efforts using exercise and diet and has lost over 100 pounds, which in my book ranks her somewhere around Super Woman! 

However, as any dieter can attest, she hits plateaus and gets really frustrated.  So she calls me for help.  Now, I don’t have any professional training in nutrition, but as a sufferer of Celiac Disease, lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome I’ve been forced to learn a lot about nutrition and how to eat right!  So I work with her. I send her meal plans and grocery lists.  I talk to her about the value of eating five small meals through-out the day instead of three big ones.  I check in with her on a daily basis to see how she’s doing. 

But I discovered recently that what she needs more than nutrition advice and guidance is someone to back her up – someone to tell her that it’s okay to have two Girl Scout cookies for desert.  That way she doesn’t eat two in secret, feel guilty about it and then eat another five or six because of the guilt.  Anybody that has ever dieted knows about that wicked cycle! 

What she needs now is to develop her “forever” diet which gets to include deserts.  A concept that is so completely foreign to someone that has been counting calories for four years and feels guilty with every splurge.  So to alleviate that guilt she now sends me a text whenever she feels the urge for those delectable sweets.  No more hiding, no more guilt.  Eating a cookie out in the open – after all, the key to any good diet is moderation! 

Do you know someone that could use your support in their weight loss efforts?  It takes less than five minutes a day and makes a huge difference.

boozeI hope everyone had an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day. The NCAA basketball tournament is taking place right now. I took Ohio St. as my winner. I know, I’m not venturing very far out on a limb there, but I’m not expecting a big surprise upset. My Trojans got knocked out right away, so my heart’s just not in it. Anyway, it will be fun to watch, regardless.

And for those not interested in sitting in front of the TV this weekend, there’s roller derby on Saturday night at Memorial Park in Culver City. And, of course, the after party at Rush Street.

Finally, the Los Angeles Marathon is on Sunday. If you’re participating, good for you. If not, there’s plenty of other places to run, jog, walk, drink, watch TV, etc. You might even consider getting some vicarious exercise by getting out at watching other people run. To each his own.

Enjoy the weekend.

Just a friendly reminder that this Sunday, March 13, Daylight Saving Time goes into effect at 2 a.m. Who doesn’t love that extra hour of sunlight every evening? So it stays darker later into the morning…fine by me. I could use the extra sleep.

Frankly, the time change could not have come at a better time. With weather like this, I look forward to spending more time outdoors. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cheers.

sewageIf a pipe’s going to burst, I’d prefer it be a water pipe. The residents and businesses in the area of Jefferson Boulevard and Overland Avenue, however, weren’t so fortunate.

On Monday, a broken pipe flooded raw sewage onto the streets. There’s nothing sexy about spending tax dollars to replace broken pipes. I don’t know of any candidates who have run on a platform of repairing existing infrastructure. Nonetheless, old things need fixing now and then. Raw sewage in the streets is sort of like the “fix engine” light going on in a car.

I just hope the light goes on in everyone’s heads. If we don’t take care of the things we have, we might as well kiss our world goodbye and prepare for Planet of the Apes.